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from the weekahead of Dec 3, 2004

UKRAINE declaration of independence

August 24 1991, 2.59 om GMT, Kiev 30E31, 50N26

Viktor Yanukovich,July 9, 1950, Enakievo (37e48, 48n00), Ukraine.

(Sun/Mercury conjunction conjunct South Node of  Ukraine)Viktor Yushenko,  February 23 , 1954, Nedrigajlov (33e53, 50n50), Ukraine. (Uranus conjunct Southnode of the Ukraine) 

datasource: Dr. Sergey Smelyakov, astrologer in Kharkov 

November 21 (the day of the elections in the Ukraine), there was a Mercury/Pluto conjunction sextile the Moon in Aquarius (which symbolizes the people’s independence, at the time of the making of this chart and this independent country in 1991, as well as today).  And now there slowly but surely will be a conjunction from Uranus on the North Node, which is exact December 15.  So maybe the fate of this country (North Node) will then be released (Uranus).

December 7 and 8  Venus and Mars wll conjunct Pluto which rules the MC, so also those days could be decisive.   

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