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from the weekahead of February 1, 2003

There are more countries in the world where political affairs are the discussion of the day other than in my country or in America and the pending Iraq war. Czechia for instance. Today (Feb 1) Vaclav Havel ends his presidency after more than 12 years in office. There are a number of charts possible for Czechoslovakia itself, but the most likely one is October 28 1918, 12.00 PM MET, Prague, the moment of actual independence at the time:

The transits on December 29 1989, when Vaclav Havel became its President, are very clear: Uranus was situated on 5.36 Capricorn and the Sun was on 7.42 Capricorn, exactly opposite PLUTO. Pluto being the ruler of the 10th in the 7th has as its theme ‘equality in personal relationships between those in power and those people one relates to”. With Pluto in Cancer it ought to be about ‘taking care’ of relationships between people, but the fact was that there was a time where the opposite happened, the opposite of equality and fairness, and only inequality and powerlessness and even emprisonment of those with free speech occurred. But all of this ended with Uranus transiting opposite this Pluto, and Czechia subsequently becoming a free country again. In that same timeframe Saturn transitted below the horizon and in fact, Vaclav Havel was its president the entire time of Saturn transitting below the horizon. He brought the country back to its roots to rebuild it showly but surely. And the country was relatively in rest. But soon Saturn will be above the horizon once again, and a new political timeframe will occur for Czechia. It will be interesting to see what happens when Saturn touches Pluto in the 7th house this year, and how this theme of power/powerlessness and equality will manifest by then.

Vaclav Havel was born October 5 1936, at 15:00 hrs in Prague (source Taeger).

The same Uranus mentioned above was situated exactly on cusp 12 December 29 1989 when Havel suddenly became Czechia’s President rather than its Prisoner. For him personally this could have meant the Liberation of all his ideals (and of course the turn around of his imprisonment). The end of his term of presidency currently is coinciding with Pluto transiting his 10th house ruler, Jupiter, oppositie the Moon (6th house ruler) and square Saturn (Tsquare all in all). Havel is known for his integrity and his ideals (Pisces, 2nd house, Saturn) of which he made his political work. (6th/10th house rulers in aspect with it) .

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