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From the book of World Horoscopes: Peru, December 9, 1824, 10.00 am LMT, Ayacucho, Peru, 074W13, 13S07, Asc 19.27 Aquarius.


August 16, 2007:

there are times that I as an astrologer wonder what planetary positions in the sky align with such havoc on earth, when one thinks everything is nice and quiet “up there” and should be “below” as well. The havoc was an earthquake killing over 450 people on August 15 165 km south of Lima (in Ica). Earthquakes are ruled by Uranus (Uranus/Saturn, or other combinations). Uranus wasn’t particularly “doing” anything specific in the sky, and that is the time when I start looking at the chart of a specific country, to see whether Uranus is at work in the chart of the specific country. And yes, Uranus transit was on 17.42 Pisces square the Sun of the chart of Peru. (They also have Neptune t right on the Ascendant which will probably relate to utter chaos and come out of a difficult period with Saturn square the IC the past winter).

(If one looks at progressions, and uses midpoints, there is a combination going on with Saturn/Mars/the Sun and the South Node all aligned by progression roughly at the opposition point of the Sun in Sagittarius, in the 4th house).  Mars/Saturn is not always nice. But Venus p is at the IC of the chart of Peru, so help and sympathy should be underway and available in large quantities.

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