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from the weekahead of June 19, 2006

The chartdata of the Independence of Montenegro were given by Serbian astrologer Branka Stamenkovic in the ISAR newsletter. In itself it is a nice horoscope, one where one could want to go to for our relaxing holidays in the future, where it not that the accommodation might possibly be not entirely up to par with Mars as ruler of the 4th in the 8th conjunct Saturn, and were it not that with Neptune conjunct the 3rd house cusp appointments made may not always be held…. 🙂  We won’t talk here about the smuggling routes through Montenegro:-)  But with Leo on the 9th, Jupiter in the 11th and Venus on the cusp of the 5th one is sure to enjoy oneself in that land and I hope for the people over there that they feel festive with these signatures!  


-Montenegro-Independence (time of Proclamation, meeting started at 20:00 hrs), June 3, 2006, Podgorica, 20.28 pm EET or MET + 1 hour summertime. –

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