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Lebanon and Israel

from the weekahead of August 18, 2006


Up till now I didn’t occupy myself with the dreadful events in the Middle East but slowly and surely I wanted to have a look at the relationship between the two countries Lebanon and Israel, from an astrological viewpoint of course. Lebanon’s independence is being celebrated November 22, on this site there is a lot of information on Lebanon:  http://www.answers.com/topic/lebanon#after_ad1 

But the Book of World Horoscopes gives another time for the very start of the first independence next to a later horoscope, and I am finding that very first start-horoscope to be uncanny: 

LEBANON: November 26, 1941, 12:00:00 pm EET, Beirut.  














We know there was a war going on between 1975 and 1990. Guess what: in 1975 Pluto crossed the 8th house cusp and went into the 8th house (KOCH), and in 1990 Pluto went into the 9th! 

In 1958 there was a civil conflict: Pluto was crossing the Descendant of this chart in that year…

At one time in the past I showed how the composite between Israel and Palestine gave a lot of information. So now I am taking the composite between Israel (“born” May 14 1948, Tel Aviv, 16.00 pm EET) and Lebanon: 


Immediately the Ascendant of 26 Sagittarius comes in focus as Pluto is transiting that point this year….. and Pluto is coming from the 8th house, dealing with power and powerlessness (from which rage arises). Pluto transiting the Ascendant is working out as a really destructive factor for their co-relationship. Saturn transit is already in the 8th house for a year or so. On a shorter term, Mercury (negotiations) is also in the 8th house until August 29th. People do not often feel “heard” by another party if Mercury is transiting the 8th house, so there is not a lot of chance on peace negotiations until the end of August.

Early June Mars went into the 8th house of this composite, and quickly after that the first upheavals started. June 21 Saturn transit was conjunct Pluto in that 8th house. July 12th Hezbollah imprisoned 2 Israeli solders after crossing Israel’s borders after which the Israeli operations started. Mercury was crossing the 8th house cusp in retrograde version at that time. 

Neptune is conjunct the midheaven. In the relationship of two people that usually means that the outside world doesn’t understand the relationship, and it could well be that “the world at large” has little idea about what is really going on with these two countries in their relationship as well.. 

Besides Neptune squares Saturn, the ruler of the South Node, with the South Node in the 1st house: the countries do not want to be dependent from one another. The Northnode points to the road of release and the future, and indicates that understanding each other’s emotions is important (an understanding which isn’t there fundamentally). The ruler is the Moon in Taurus and indicates peace and quiet for the future as the way to go, but it is contrary to all the “natural” inclinations (the Northnode usually is). Maybe the women in those countries will have to show the path to the future, since the Moon is the Northnoderuler! Because Pluto will cross the Ascendant once more later this year, it will take a while before they get that together anyway. First we can expect a long timeframe of 1st house dynamics: fighting for independence from one another. 

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