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When does a country get born?  One astrology site used the time of signing of the declaration, but that chart didn’t make much sense to me. Astrologers work with birth-charts, i.e. with the chart of the BEGINNING of things, and this chart above is set for the BEGINNING of the speech wherein Prime Minister Hashim Thaci declared Kosovo’s independence. Which was February 17, 2008, 15.12 pm (3.12 pm) CET, in Pristina 42N39, 21E10.

When he finished reading it, it was 15.23 pm (3.23 pm), the reading lasted 11 minutes. It was monitored by the BBC on this site:


(thanks to Sarah van Sanden for this)

Kosovo apparently is the poorest country of the region, (Saturn in the 2nd house, ruling the 6th, i.e. work-related), and there is a problem with the nonemployed people (Moon/Albanians), versus those in office (Serbians, Jupiter in the 6th) who apparently are only a minority.

Mercury was retrograde in “revolutionary” Aquarius and when it reached the Descendant, the reading of the declaration of independence was finished.  Equality and democracy might be a good goal for the North Node.

joyce hoen – february 2008

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