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1) Old chart, from the weekahead of Feb 15, 2003

July 14 1958, 02:00 am GMT, Baghdad (Book of Worldhoroscopes, Campion)

At the time of the Gulfwar the T square with the Sun and Mars/Jupiter was involved: the solar eclipse at 27 Capricorn was right smack on the nodal axis (in square) and affected the macho Mars in the 10th – 90 the Sun and opposite the self confident Jupiter.

Currently, the Moon conj Venus opposite Saturn is involved with transits from Saturn (going D this week almost opposite Saturn of Iraq) and Mars conj the Moon and Venus. Furthermore, Saturn by transit is in the 12th house for the time being, indicating a time frame (already started) where Iraq may totally loose their grip on things. They will start their internal  recovery when Saturn conjuncts the Ascendant and that takes a while still. 

More important even, in 2003-2004  Pluto transits Saturn in the chart of IRAQ. If you have this in your own chart your ego is often in for a big implosion.  The chart of NASA for instance currently also has a Pluto-t on Saturn, almost exact for the first time at the time of the Columbia explosion. 

Saturn in Sagittarius in the chart of IRAQ is an apt metaphor for pointing the finger to anything outside of ones’ own country, and keeping the borders closed on any information coming in from the outside, as if the ego here is calcified into thinking it knows it all and needs to teach the world a lesson. Pluto transit conjunct such a Saturn could well be about breaking open this calcified shell of the ego of an entire nation.  The repression (Saturn opposite Moon/Venus, most certainly of the women) may well be forced open. But even if this were the good thing about the intervention, the whole process is not going to be a quick and easy one, and may well last 2 years.  The last half of 2003 we will also have an incredibly extended period of Mars in the sign of Pisces, which, however strange this may feel, does NOT mean peace exactly, as this is the principle of ‘passive agressiveness’ and could mean a kind of nauseating feeling of victimization (again blaming everyone else but oneself) for many people in the world.  Or it could mean people who start their ‘wars, Mars, in the name of God (Pisces) again or we will have a surge of secret chemical (Neptune) warfare (Mars) in  that timeframe.  Uranus will also enter Pisces this year and may indicate a 7 year timeframe where the principle of victimhood is changing around, liberated even.  But before we arrive there…  my personal feeling on a gutlevel is that whatever the western world is doing or not doing, we are seeing extremes in fundamentalist beliefs everywhere, dividing the world completely. And in times of division wars are generated. I think that the best thing which could happen, at least for Europe where the discussion between Islam and Christianity (the division between them becoming stronger and stronger on a daily level) would be helped by a Great Man standing up from the Islam itself, to open the conversation with the Western world, not to fight it. In times of poverty and stress usually people come to power and think themselves being “Great people” to lead the sheep using the recipe of sowing division everywhere, and putting the blame everywhere else outside rather than within. Thus creating stronger and stronger feelings of an Enemy being around. It is the cheapest and easiest way to gain power. It is the ancient old recipe of people who wish to take the power in times of war. But it needs flocks of sheep following this, so PEOPLE DON’T FALL IN THIS ALL TOO HUMAN TRAP! Even we are guilty of falling in these traps in our daily discussions where we are ‘for’ or ‘against’ a war. Some of us see America as the evil factor right now and create division against them. DON”t DO THE SAME AS EVERYBODY ELSE, think for yourself (and eradicate the war within rather than anything else!) 

The human instinct so keen on ‘winning’ and ‘power’ loves to have an ‘enemy’, thus hordes and hordes of people are swept away in currents with these divisive emotions. (It’s how the war in former Yugoslavia was started too –  former friends became enemies once the seed of ‘divisiveness’ was sown)  But also the ISLAM has in its essence some deep mystical true elements, which transcend the outer form of  rules and dead lipservice to Gods, saying “it is all written in the Koran”, much like Christians claiming things “are all in the Bible”. Everywhere on the world Sacred Books are being interpreted exactly on the level one is on oneself. (Isn’t it amazing, how universal books can exist which can be interpreted on so many different levels!)  Those mystics in the world, have the inclination to stay absent from the worldly affairs. But how wonderful it would be if one of those would stand up right now arising from the Islam itself and open up the anti-divisiveness road. It would turn around the Pluto-in-Sagittarius phenomenon of ‘fundamentalism’ for one thing, and I instinctively feel that at least for sentiments in Europe, such a Great Person should stand up from within the Islam itself as one of the answers for this conflict we are all involved in in these years of combatting internal and external terrorization in thought and beliefs. 


2) the new birthchart of Iraq, from the weekahead of July 2, 2004


Iraq has a new chart: On June 28th at 10:26 am local time, it regained sovereignty. (Information from Hakan Kirkoglu DF Astrol S, Turkey, source CNN, and please note Baghdad is on summertime in spite of what many computerprogrammes say, information Kepler Software this week).

The position of the Moon is striking, it is exactly conjunct its own South Node. The Moon is always an important factor in charts of whole countries as it describes the nature of the people at large. Thus America has the Moon in Aquarius, and is a country of immigrants, uprooted, and continuously seeking new roots, new ways of living and freedom.  Iraq then has the Moon in Scorpio describing a people full of passion, closed and secretive in their communications, and pretty intense (and hopefully not full of revenge), where those deepseated emotions do come from the past (Southnode connection) and thus is ingrained and instinctual.  One could imagine a people where one neighbour doesn’t trust the other (3rd house) with quite some hidden fighting going on in the unseen (Mars square, in the 12th).

The 11 th house is also pretty occupied, and with Cancer, it raises identity (Sun) questions such as “where do I belong?, which group is my family? and do we really understand each others emotions? (Mercury conjunct Saturn). 

With the North Node in Taurus in the 9th it looks like a broader but very practical  viewpoint on the future serves the people best. With Aries on the 8th fighting others is pretty below the surface, and not outright, and not always in control either. Pluto rules the 4th and is in the 4th and indicates that many people will not feel emotionally secure for a long time, and can be very distrustful because of that. The pain from the past (South Node) is not gone, but will be the basis of much of ordinary life in Iraq at the background of things. On the outside however, things look a lot brighter with Jupiter and Venus in the 2 most important cardinal houses. 

Interesting  is the degreesymbolism of  the Moon and South Node (Rudhyar, Mandala): Conquering the negative consequences of social life and egocentredness. Social life and its cultural patterns dictate certain habits and create certain desires for unnatural and unhealthy things. They force us maybe to be too rushed and live in tense circumstances. It is necessary to find expert  means to repair the damage, one is forced to be resourceful”. 

The North Node in Taurus in the 9h and its symbolism is about cyclic renewal and the capacity to feel happy inwardly in dark times.

And by the way, in spite of everything, this chart in no way suggests that the intervention of foreign countries is the source of any trouble in Iraq. On the contrary, the damage done came frrom forces in the homecountry (4th/Scorpio) and between the mutual groups in Iraq itself.  And Mars in Leo in the 12th could also indicate its previous macho leader being in prison rather than more fighting going on, but I would guess with this chart above he could also be the incitement for many feelings of revenge.  It is exactly foreign connections (9th house) which can bring some calm in the heated viewpoints and vis-a-vis one’s hope for the future.

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