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Iran: composite with USA

from the weekahead of April 21, 2006

According to the Book of World Horoscopes the birth of today’s IRAN took place on February 1 1979, at 09:00 am (timezone 3.30) in Teheran with an Ascendant of 21°44′ Pisces and an MC of 25+ Sagittarius. So PLUTO entered IRAN’s 10 th house (sic!) after having sojourned for years in the 9th house of “religion”. The new time frame is all about the use of power and apparently Iran is making some statements to this effect. I made a composite between the chart of Iran and the one of the USA and what an interesting composite (relationshipchart)  this is: 


We see that the dominant theme is formed by the planets Mercury and Neptune, thus the relationship between these two countries is symbolized by this planetary pair. It means “speculation”. “distrust” (Neptune in Scorpio), “information kept secret”, “lying”, and not seeing the reality. And this can be for either party. Next to this it is clear that trade (Mercury in Taurus) of oil (Neptune, ruling the 2nd house of income) is the crux of the matter. 

Saturn in transit has just come above the horizon, so “relationship problems” (Saturn in the 7th) are the order of the day.  And these will not go away quickly for next year we will see Pluto squaring the Saturn/Venus conjunction in the 8th house. It could become very grim between those two countries, predominantly because of a lot of criticism (Virgo) surfacing from either side. 

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