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Which chart to use?

According to the book of World Horoscopes (Campion), there are two charts for India, one is for the time of independence from the British at 0.00 hrs in Delhi on August 15 1947, and the other one is for the proclamation of the republic at the time “which was very likely elected astrologically“, says Campion: January 26 1950, at 10.15 a.m. IST New Delhi.

I had a look at both charts for the time around January 25 2001 (their solar return for that year!) because off the top of my head that was the time where on the one hand one of the most impressive Kumbha Mela’s was held (a massive spiritual gathering inspiring many souls), and on the other hand a massive earthquake took place leaving whole parts of the country in utter devastation. Transits for that time to the 2nd chart speak totally for that chart, whereas nothing much is visible in the first chart. Transits for the time of today also align more with the second chart, as I received the following mail from an Indian Astrologer (Muralinikrishna Vadavalli) , which is the reason for me to have a look at the chart of India. He wrote (early April 2002):       India has been getting into crisis after crisis these days. There were attacks on Indian parliament on December 13th  – which pushed India to the brink of war with Pakistan. On Feb 28th, some 58 people were burnt alive in a train which triggered extreme violence that took as many as 800 lives – worst communal violence in a decade. I think there is an astrological pattern behind these events. Uranus – Mars aspects. Mars was conjunct Uranus on Nov 27th, 2001. The effect of this aspect was probably triggered by Sun aspecting the same degree on Dec 13th. The next aspect between Mars and Uranus was on 23rd Feb.  (I believe this aspect was triggered by Moon this time – because the effect was felt very quickly – on Feb 28th). Now that Mars is approaching a square with Uranus again (on 10th of this month), I fear something similar might happen. Let us all hope that nothing will happen. But I just wanted to bring this to your notice. Maybe you could analyze the chart of India and write something about it if you can find some time.

In the world press India does not receive too much attention (relatively speaking) and right now the Middle East occupies the worldleaders. I also was surprised with the terrible eathquake last year in India how little press this received comparative to other earthquakes (for instance Turkey, 1999) before. In fact, I had no idea that things were so hectic right now in India, but.. the chart of January 26 1950 is quite obvious in this respect.

The chart of January 26 1950


What does this chart say as a birthchart? First of all, this India was a peaceloving country, they came from the idea of non violence (Gandhi): depicted by Mars as their Ascendantruler conjunct the South Node and near enough to Neptune in Libra. The North Node in Aries suggest independence is what the country is seeking, yet, Mars rules this North Node too, so it will have to always be in cooperation with the connections with others from the past (conjunct South Node in Libra).

Uranus square the Ascendant (ruler of the Sun) is another strong indication for the independence idea and building up a new country : it sits conjunct the IC. In the next two years it will cross over from house 11 to house 12, and always when Uranus crosses over a housecusp Uranian events of the nature of those houses come very strongly to the fore. Uranus in the 11th house is about groups seeking independence, Uranus in the 12th house is likely to be a renewed awakening of spiritual life in India.

Pluto in the 5th house suggest the autonomy that India is after but also the feeling of being a leading nation. The heap of Aquarian planets in the 11th house suggest democracy and liberty should be keynotes. The opposition between Pluto (it rules the 8th house in fact), and the Aquarian planets is a challenge for leadership versus the community at large. The evolutionary intent here is to use power wisely, especially by the leaders (5th house). The people (11th house Aquarius) will never allow their freedom to be taken away and they are now on the road of individualization.

Mercury in Capricorn in the 10th house suggest India to be an authority on Mercurial matters (thought), and Mercury being square Neptune, this is a great one for being an authority on peace loving connections with other people, but also being an authority in all matters spiritual

The Moon is in Taurus, and I often say that the Moon will depict the feeling of the nation as a whole. The country I reside in, has Moon in Taurus too, it depicts an agricultural background, and a lay-back attitude, of people wanting security, and with us, it depicts the no-nonsense attitude. With India, the Moon is in a different degree, and the symbol for it is The Conquest of Separativeness through Groupcooperation – the country who has suffered deprivation and loneliness can give new substance to its emotional life by participating in a collective project. All great evolutionary challenges imply the overcoming of basic difficulties. It is a chasm that is an integral part of the land upon which man’s evolution must proceed. A link must be built through the power of the collective mind of the community at large, on the basis of the legacy of the past, to make a bridge over the canyon. This bridge demonstrates man’s capacity to conquer obstacles and to achieve evolutionary continuity as well as expansion in space. (Rudhyar, Astrological Mandala, Vintage Books, see books7.htm)


“Karma” is an Hindu/Sanskrit term, much misused I expect, in the same way that the planet Saturn does not get too much good press from astrologers. Yet Saturn, and maybe therefor one’s karma or dharma (I think these are two sides of the same coin) may be the entire key of our destiny. Karma in reality means ‘unfinished business’. It is also our ‘conscience’ and what is the relationship between one’s conscience and karma? Saturn in anybody’s chart also points to our weakness:– our weakness where we continuously want confirmation and appreciation from others, where we continuously feel we fail (the reason for Saturn to get such bad press in general). The weakness of seeking confirmation from outside, is that it won’t help, it will decenter your inner coherence more and more as we don’t wish too often to face our inner selves, where in fact, we KNOW. It is so difficult to be alone, to face ourselves (a function of Saturn as well, and with a good reason, if we only understood why) and the reason for that is the conscience of “guilt”. Responsibility equals “guilt” where all things fail in our consciousness, and our ego’s simply don’t accept being guilty. (It is its nature to always think itself better than anybody else) The entire notion of not being able to forgive oneself and thereby others means that we feel guilt but repress it .

Saturn rules time and space and it actually indicates why incarnation happens: why our consciousness gets limited to a body and time and space for a lifetime. The reason is that we “are not ready” to merge with the Light (on Earth or out of the Body) and that there is work to do. This is an inner judgment that nobody else makes but yourself prior to the time of incarnation (actually at the end of the past life). Because you have condemned yourself in the “hour of truth” so to speak, we continuously are reminded of condemnation some way or other without realizing we ourselves condemned ourselves there where Saturn resides in the chart. But we try to attone for it, and work on it, which gives rise to growth and development. Thus Saturn in a chart will also depict our growth, our conquering of things. Now back to the chart of India: India’s karma, so to speak, or unfinished business, lies in the area of the 6th house, in the sign of Virgo: it lies in the area of service, in the area of plain work, and the only way for Saturn in the 6th house to align with spiritual concepts, to become dharma rather than karma as it were, is to follow the path of Karma Yoga, so well explained in India’s Spiritual Classic: the Bhagavad Gita. To work without attachment to the results, but: to work and to be of service. It is India’s gift to the world, this Bhagavad Gita, and this concept of Karma Yoga (Saturn in Virgo in the 6th house- ruled by Mercury square Neptune) but Saturn in Virgo in the 6th house is also exactly where the ‘condemnation’; of the West is taking place: the stressy people of the Western world (yes, those without inner peace…) find Indians and its spirituality lazy:-)

Saturn is also about ego-pain. Saturn in Virgo asks for the guts to be a server, to not mind a position of plain service, to know that healing and health, both inner and outer, come from service to others. To not worry about one’s place in society too much, or feel discriminated against. To have an inner authority of being of Service, rather than feeling pain from being discriminated against.

Now, I wonder if this is what the current fights in India (spring of 2002) are about. The religious upheaval between Moslims and Hindu, or between Moslims and Christians (in the rest of the world) are of course obviously part and parcel of the Pluto in Sagittarius passage: Pluto is about bringing the dirt to the surface, and the dirt of Sagittarius is the dirt of philosophical arrogance. Of thinking that your worldview should rule the world. Pluto is about to clear this up by bringing this intolerance all over the world to our attention. That’s why the current problems in the world are religious (they are not spiritual , they are religious in the sense of churches who have not understood the Unity lying at the back of all worldviews or religions). The separations between men and women all over the world is the separation of one group thinking themselves better than another group. But the group who is in reality the best, is the group who knows that there is no difference. The karma of India currently and as depicted in the chart could be the karma of people who feel discriminated against (Saturn in Virgo).And… we are closing in on Pluto squaring this Saturn position , in fact, we are closing in on the current Saturn-Pluto opposition squaring in on this natal Saturn of India’s chart. It is only just starting, if this chart is the correct one! Pluto is only nearing this square, it won’t even hit it exactly until their next ‘birthday’, January 2003! (Saturn will close in on it already in May). In this connection, the symbolism of the Moon: the nation’s collective feeling is maybe a good pointer for what is necessary as this crisis emerges: It is a chasm that is an integral part of the land upon which man’s evolution must proceed. A link must be built through the power of the collective mind of the community at large, on the basis of the legacy of the past, to make a bridge over the canyon. If there is one nation in the world who can show the path to bridging the gap between Moslems and other religions, it is India. No other nation has the wisdom. Quite a task.. and of course it may fail. But individuals sow the seed of the collective.

The transits at the time of the earthquake (and the Kumbha Mela) January 25 2001 (or thereabouts)



In view of India on the one hand having had one of the largest Kumbja Mela’s ever as well as this awful earthquake almost at the same time, the transits at this time are impressive, if we use this January 26 1950 chart. The Sun/Neptune conjunction conjunct India’s Sun depict the Kumbha Mela. Yet at the same time the square between Uranus and Mars was dominant in the chart! (Any planet in hard aspect to either the Ascendant or the MC dominates the entire chart and highlights exactly what is going on). In this instance it is a transit of Uranus square the transitting Mars, Uranus being exactly semisquare the natal Ascendant, and yes, Uranus is a classic for upheavals and earthquakes. True, Uranus is also about awakenings, but physically it is about upsets and earthquakes indeed. At the time it was the major transit square this Mars transitting India’s 8th house (the death toll, the feelings of powerlessness), and Mars is again the ruler of the natal Ascendant. If you find such a telltaling transit-picture back in the August 15 1947 chart, let me know, but for now, this January 26 chart of India says it all.

(c) Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, NL – April 11 2002

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