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from the weekahead of Nov. 11,2005:

The chart of the 5th Republic of France (source the Astrological Journal/ the Book of World Horoscopes) shows why the recent Mars/Sun opposition and the proximity of Mars to the Earth around October 30 ) came to such an explosive outbreak in France: 


Mars was retrograde and opposite the Sun in an exact square to Uranus (revolution) in the 5th house (youth) of this chart. It may happen more often, that Mars touches off Uranus, but this time it was from a potentially (and actually) very volatile situation of being both retrograde, opposite the Sun and close to the Earth! (VERY close). Mars Rx can definitely be a time where old agression surges almost irrationally and where it turns in against oneself as well.  The proximity of Mars has been at a peak now and the planet will diminish slowly but surely, but Taurus is steadfast and it may take a while still.  

for the current weekahead go to http://www.astrologie.ws/weekahead.htm


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