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November 12, 2007 (from weekahead vol 463) :  The New Moon November 10 was in Scorpio square Neptune, with the Sun still needing to make the square to Neptune. Well that has happened meantime and almost simultaneously 4 ships sank in the Black Sea and another one broke in half loosing 2 million liters of oil (Neptune) creating a disaster for the environment (Neptune = poisoning). SMOKE, by the way, is also Neptune. London had a big fire going on today creating a lot of smoke above the city. The chart of England  shows Neptune at 19 Scorpio, so the Sun-Neptune aspect in the NM chart precisely hit this Neptune. (Besides England had a difficult time on the coasts with the storms last week). 

<Addition July 4, 2007: for the charts of the carbomb-attacks June 29 and June 30, 2007,  compared with this chart of Brittain, go to http://www.astrologie.ws/week/vol453.htm >

from the weekahead of August 11, 2006

The previous Full Moon was touching off the grand Square in the chart of England, it was square Neptune exactly (chaos), with the Moon conjunct Venus (ruler of the 8th: meaning a successful attempt in stopping terrorist attacks??) 

-January 1, 1801, Westminster, 0.00 LMT – 

England does have a “Saturn-return” soon. Saturn is part of the almost Grand Square situation in their chart, it may symbolize the almost Saturnian community (11th house, ruling the 4th) with ‘regal airs’, and it is square Neptune in the 2nd , which is beyond chaos also indicative of a lot of charity which the country has always shown;  Neptune in the 2nd in Scorpio indicated income from overseas and powerfully so in the past, it also does indicate economic chaos and as said, a lot of charity going on in the country. And Saturn is opposite Venus in Aquarius which denotes the fondness of eccentric behaviour also present in England. Mars in Taurus in the 8th could mean that England is not too good in being assertive economically speaking. But why the airports had to go through chaos for one day is astrologically beyond me .. that there was chaos with economic consequences all of a sudden is apparent enough though with the Saturn/Neptune opposition touched off by the Full Moon hitting Neptune-Venus in the chart of England. 

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