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According to the Book of World Horoscopes the data for the start of the Republic of Austria are confusing: apparently it occurred in the early hours of November 11, with only one moment in time being published in a newspaper: 3:50 am, but the newspaper mentions November 13. However, if we use this time, set for Nov. 11 we see a Sun heavily influenced by both the August 1999 eclips as well as the February 5 solar eclipse.

What is more, is that the cusp of the 5th house in the chart above EXACTLY aligns with the Uranian Feb 5 eclipse: a change in leadership! The 5th house is the leadership, Uranus transitting it means a change, and the eclipse is a witness of someone thinking they belong to the Freedom (Aquarius) Party. Which is what eclipses often do to people: the connection with Spirit is lost for a while.

Is it serious? that which happens in Austria? Well, bear in mind that this is all occuring under a first square of Saturn-Uranus, and this Saturn/Uranus cycle is heavily implied in the eclipse and conjunction to the 5th house cusp (as per above chart). The conjunction, which started the new cycle that we are talking about, occurred in 1988: a time for reform started which impacted Europe on an enormous scale. In fact, the Uranus/Saturn cycle of WOII had finished by 1988. So why is it that the occurrences in Austria seem to bear resemblance to going back to such a previous cycle? Well, in fact, at the time of the first square, tensions are likely to happen: there is resistance of the old patterns becoming visible, which is precisely what occurs as such moments to remind us of what it was again that started the cycle: a new freeer Europe, and not a WOII Europe.

We are still in the waxing phase of the Uranus/Saturn cycle: a waxing phase means that that which was born at the beginning is growing, no matter what kind of resistance. In 1988 a new Europe was born potentially. A Europe United. Glorious at first, but with a little tension already afterwards. The Euro will be a solid concretization of the unification of Europe.

Another feature in the sky in this connection is Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune was discovered when it was in Aquarius in 1846. Apart from chewing gum, actually, BUBBLE gum:-) being born then, both a new spirituality as well as communism had it roots in the ideals of Neptune in Aquarius. The dilemma of Neptune (unity ) and Aquarius (diversity) is the dilemma of “the individual versus the collective”. Communism wanted to make an end to individualism: with each person being the same. Individualism and considering one’s own nation superior to another is another extreme and rests on a fear of losing one’s own individuality (Neptune in Aquarius). The true mode of the Neptune/Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius duality is unity in diversity. It may be born during this cycle of Neptune in Aquarius (to last for quite a few years still) (it may have been born potentially in 1993, when Neptune conjuncted Uranus, so in a cycle of 165 years (the time for one complete cycle of Neptune/Uranus) it still is an infant with ideals but without power..) so it may take a long long time still. In the chart of Austria it is interesting to see the Moon in Aquarius: the automatic reaction of an entity to opt for individualism. The ideals of Neptune (unity) are in the sign of Leo: leadership and maybe selfishness. Thus the idea of unity in diversity can become distorted. Jupiter in Cancer conjunct the MC will gain strength in the years to come, since Pluto will conjunct the North Node shortly, which Jupiter rules. Jupiter in Cancer could very well be growth through nationalism, to taking care of the family or nation. The family is the whole world (we may have lived in other countries ourselves in a previous life), yet it does not mean that all unique identities need to be lost in a giant blurr of sameness, as in everybody the same PC’s, or wearing the same clothes. It also does not mean that all unique identities should fear for their communality with others. On the inside we do belong, there is interconnectedness. This truth can no longer be denied, just think of the internet and physically, of all the multicultural countries everywhere already. It can’t be stopped. Astrologically it is not unlikely that Neptune in Aquarius brings about this fear of dissolving of ones own identity. This may be true for the individual and it may be true for entire nations. “Unity in Diversity” may take a while still before it gets born properly on this planet. It is neither the individual by him or herself alone, as in being better than another one, but is is also not the whole dissolving the individual form and demanding that everybody is the same. It is rather, interconnectedness and interdependence, whereby each individual contributes their own individual part to the whole in their own individual way. It may all be an experiment of the Divine Will, to see how humanity deals with it this time round, now that Neptune is in Aquarius. The truth is: in spirit we are one, in form we are various manifestations of the one. There is no need for everybody living in the same forms in life (i.e. clothes, schools, astrological systems:-) , , but there is no need for one individual to feel better than another one either. To be unique and different does not mean better. It just means unique, being oneself, and appreciating the uniqueness of the other one too.

I have no idea how such an ultimate goal can be applied politically to overcrowded countries feeling the pressure (but also enjoying the diversity) of many other cultures. But as war starts in the individual and no where else, so the idea of Unity in Diversity starts within and no where else. As an individual you can contribute to the whole only as an individual and realizing principles in your own life, not imposing them upon others. So if you feel powerless because of the magnitude and enormity of the”World” at large, just take your power back to where you really have it: within. Unity in Diversity is first a realization and state of mind within. The rest will follow.

Meantime: the data for Joerg Haider have become available thanks to astrologer Manfred Zimmel of Vienna, Austria, who had these confirmed by the Freedom Party:

In fact, this chart makes sense given the chart of Austria above: Haider has Pluto conjunct cusp 3 which is a powerful signature communicationwise (it is not always a great signature for listening very well to other people) – and this Pluto is almost conjunct cusp 11 of the chart of Austria above indicating again the importance of the two previous solar eclipses. Pluto rules the 5th house in Haider’s chart, meaning he wants to be a powerful leader, and again, acting this out verbally (Pluto conjunct cusp 3). His Aquarius signature is in the 8th house: he quite likes to upset everybody else and shake them up. Saturn in the 4th house in the sign of Virgo could be the nastiness in his chart, in that sense, that he has issues with his country (4th house) and “perfection” (Virgo). Pluto will square this Saturn in a couple of years, probably asking him to clean up his own act. Mercury rules this Saturn, and is another indication of the way he communicates. Mercury in Capricorn can be someone of few words, and can indicate a thinker. Mercury in his chart is square Neptune however, which can indicate anything from wanting to have nothing to do with chaos and spirituality, to understanding wholesale what other people want and broadcasting messages that appeal to people (Neptune rules his MC: he could see himself as a spokesman for a larger “ideal”. Another very striking feature is that his Ascendant sits almost on top of Pluto natally in the chart of Austria.

© CHTA/Joyce Hoen 2000

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