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from weekahead vol 187, October 12, 2001

October 7th (the start of the attacks on the Taliban)  the Sun was conjunct Saturn in the chart of the USA  which is the same zodiacal degree where Mercury will turn Direct on again October 23. And which is the same zodiacal degree where MERCURY was on Sept 11. (The Day the Western World Changed). 

Saturn in the 10th house in America’s chart is the symbolism of feeling responsible for world peace (it is in Libra in the 10th), and play that role (10th house).

The chart of Afghanistan is not really known, but taking Nick Campion’s first edition of the Book of World Horoscopes as a basis, the structure of changing the kingdoms with a coup-d’etat- making it into a republic – was announced July 17, 1973 for the first time at roughly 6.00 am in the morning: 


This chart has the same Ascendant as has G.W. Bush jr….. !! If this horoscope is remotely correct, we will know  Friday October 12 (today that is actually), as the Sun will touch off Uranus in this chart by then. 

The opposition from the transitting Sun to Mars (experienced as foreign aggression  (Mars ruling the 9th), but also being aggressiveness towards other countries, already took place Tuesday October 9th. Mars in the 9th house also evidences aggressive religion (let it be known that no war is spiritual, but in fact purely economical and beliefsystems of a highly aggressive nature are just that, beliefsystems. They are not inspired by God or Allah one bit, however much wars are always fought in the name of God). 

The transitting North Node will be conjunct Saturn in this chart November 1, and this may bode for some dark times ahead indeed for Afghanistan.  It may however also indicate on the highest level possible a change in repression of the people (Saturn in the 11th).  The symbolism for this Saturn degree is about becoming broke, which allows for a new beginning. Liberation of an unbearable pressure thus giving the opportunity for new tasks.  And this Saturn is coming full circle soon. i.e. a Saturn-return is on its way. The structures of the beginning are collapsing, and a new and hopefully more responsible attitude towards the community of Afghanistan may be under way after everything goes broke. 

If the 10th house Saturn of the USA means to play an outer role of responsibility — the ‘parental figure’ – then Mars as the ruler of the 10th opposite Uranus in Afghanistan’s chart is quite a revolutionary signature , but indeed, this chart did come forth from a revolutionary coup d’-etat.  So I am not sure whether this chart is it, it could be, but we probably know more October 12. 

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