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Yasser Arafat

from the weekahead of Dec 18, 2001:

This chart is set for August 4 1929, 3.00 local time (EET) Cairo. it is put together from a variety of sources.
In a Dutch Magazine (HP De Tijd Dec 14), it says that some people believe Arafat’s birthdate to be August 4 1929, but in 1988 some British journalists supposedly found out that this should read December. In the same article his wife Soha is claimed to say of Arafat that he is a Leo. I understand that reporters have little knowledge of astrology, and not even of sunsigns half the time, because being born December 4 one certainly isn’t a Leo. In his book Horoskope Lexicon Hans Taeger gives August 27 as his birthdate. However, this makes Arafat a Virgo and the chart he comes up with, doesn’t speak to me. So I used the Leo chart, August 4 1929, for Cairo, and for a birthttime Arafat is claimed to have stated himself: 3.00 hours. (source: also Taeger). The ensuing chart feels totally correct, for whatever I know of Arafat, and that is appallingly little. But I read up on him in this article in this magazine.
Yasser means”easy, without worries”: this name was given to Yasser Arafat at school. It may be a Leo attitude he was showing at the time giving him that name, or Neptune conjunct cusp 3 (Koch).
He was 4 years old when his mother died: Pluto transitted the Moon in his chart. His father was wealthy (fittng for a 2nd house Leo) but Yasser couldn’t get on with him. (Apparently: the chart doesn’t confirm this too well with a Sun sextile Jupiter). He was sent to school to Jerusalem, (Neptune rules the 9th house and is conjunct cusp 3) – where he turned out to be hyperactive and superintelligent (Uranus is dominant in this chart, (ruling the 8th house – the guerilla.. ): it exactly squares this Ascendant!
Yasser Arafat is a leader with an incredible power of convincing others. (Sun in Leo, Pluto conj the Ascendant). He has incredible energy too (Mars in Virgo) .
Venus is also dominant in this chart, which accounts for the fact that he is quite an amiable person, charming. His moods apparently change without reason (Moon in Cancer conj Pluto, conj. a Cancer ascendant). His wife Soha is 30 years younger (not uncommon a feature for a Capricorn Descendant: to marry someone with a huge age difference) .In 1965 he became a father. He doesn’t see much of his wife, who is in Paris a lot apparently (7th house ruler in the 12th house of the 7th). Their son is said to have leukemia (Scorpio 5th house?)
The chart for Palestine (Termination of Mandate, May 15 1948, 0.00 am EET, Jerusalem), shows a Moon/Pluto/Saturn conjunction at 9,12 and 16 Leo respectively, exactly in conjunction with the Royal Leo Sun of ‘Kings’ in Arafat’s chart (conj Mercury). Jupiter is at 27 Sagittarius opposite Uranus at 24 Gemini, conj the Saturn-venus opposition in Arafat’s chart: the man who gave form to the ideals of freedom for the Palestinian’s.
But Arafat himself is said to have Parkinson. He is becoming fragile and old. The Pluto-Saturn transit is right on the axis of his 6th/12th house, meaning that this process is the major process in his life right now, and will naturally grow much worse in the years to come. The solar eclipse last week (december 2001) sat exactly on his Saturn: the Israeli’s were after him personally all of a sudden. Neptune is transitting his 8th house cusp, meaning that there are very few people he can trust.
2002 will see Pluto transit square his Mars: it could be quite a combative timeframe for him, or one where he has to surrender his personal will. Saturn will transit his 12th house opposite Saturn natally. Given his age and his disease, given the current politics, I doubt that this passage of Saturn through the 12th will mean an Arafat with a sacred mission. On the contrary, he is likely to disappear from public life somehow or other during that timeframe.
(Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S, NL, Dec. 18 2001)

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