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Pope John Paul II

from the weekahead of March 31, 2005:

April 8th it is New Moon with a  solar eclipse on 19.06 Aries, (square Saturn and conjunct Venus), at 20.33 hrs pm GMT time. 
The square between Saturn and Venus is decisive for its quality and could well lead to some alienations in partnerships.  A solar eclipse can let emotions on the loose, with lost control for a while. Or what is also likely: we will say goodbye for definite to  Pope John Paul II.  It is quite natural for leaders to leave through the cosmic portal created by a solar eclipse (where the light of the Sun withdraws for a while). Leaders in the past were considered to be representatives of God on the planet, and the Sun in astrology represents our Source of Light (God) as well. If the Light withdraws.. and of course Pope John Paul II carries the function of God’s representative on earth for many. He OUGHT to leave the planet during an eclipse season. His data are from the database of Pathfinder (Ed Steinbrecher)  May 18, 1920, 12:30 pm EET, Wadowice, Poland, 49N53, 19E30.  Mars is  on 22 degrees of Libra and rules his 8th house. With Saturn t square Mars at this stage of someone already having lost quite a lot of resistance, it says  that there will be even less resistance, less energy and vitality, so…


This chart is exceedingly accurate of his life by the way.A small quote translated from the chapter on Neptune in my transitbook 
On the outside Pope John Paul II shows an enormous almost dogmatic need for security in oldfashioned norms and values, with a polarization between renewal (Uranus) and the known (Saturn), as a dominant factor (conjunct the horizon). Uranus is “on the side of the Other” (7th house) and the Pope himself is the authority (Saturn). On the inside there is the talent to quite easily (Jupiter) be receptive to God (Neptune – 12th house) and live a life of contemplation and prayer (12th house). His imagery of the Divine for sure is the Male God, the Father in the heavens (Leo/12th), with this religious Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in the male sign of Leo. The ruler, Sun, is in the 10th, so the content of this 12th house is projected as safe an secure (Taurus) to the outside on a personal basis, and as a rather conservative (Taurus) leader (Sun in 10)  in this area.  

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