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Pope Benedict XVI

from the weekahead of April 22,  2005:

Pope John Paul II was buried during a solar eclipse, Pope Benedict XVI will be inaugurated during a lunar eclipse Sunday April 24. It looks as if the Vatican uses astrology….. Grazia Mirti informed that te birthdata of the new pope can  be found in the 4th Volume of Hans Taeger’s Horoskope Lexicon  and in there I read that Joseph Ratzinger’s data are from the birthcertificate, so it is A rating!  

Pope Benedict XVI, born April 16 1927. 4:15 MET in Marktl/Aaltoetting, 48N15, 12E51,  becomes Pope on the moment that Pluto is about to enter his 10th house, at the same time creating a Grand Fire trine with the Sun (leadership) and Neptune (religion).
Born with Jupiter in Pisces on the Ascendant he no doubt is a deeply religious person, and his message of more unity (Pisces) between all Christian churches (Jupiter in Pisces) fits wonderfully with this.  His rigid dogmatism, of which the press wrote, belongs to his Sagittarian 9th house Saturn. Many people hope he has become a more mild person meantime, and that is not unthinkable, because Pluto is now leaving his 9th house and is done with transforming his convictions and beliefsystems. There is no more transformation to be expected in this lifetime, the next step will be Pluto in the 10th: to deal justly and beyond ego with worldly power. Pluto will transit his 10th house up until about 2016, which might indicate a 12-year period as Pope, but that looks like the maximum duration, given his age. It also is the culmination of his soul’s work in the world in this lifetime. Just before Pluto will oppose its natal position (2013, 2014) and that is more likely to be the timeframe to pass on the candle.  

for the current weekahead: http://www.astrologie.ws/weekahead.htm

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