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Fidel Castro

from the weekahead of August 11, 2006:

This is the chart of Fidel Castro; source Pathfinder database, as given by Monica Dimino who spent a long time living as an astrologer in South America and who was given this chart by a student who got the data from Castro himself:  

Castro, August 13, 1926, in Veran, Oriente,  Cuba, 4.44 am EST
Last year Saturn transit went “below the horizon” as I call the conjunction with the Ascendant, and with that it was clear enough giving his age that his public role would be minimized, since it is the upper hemisphere in the chart which deals with “the world at large”, whereas the lower deals with more personal matters. Saturn is at roughly 15 Leo currently and will be conjunct his Sun in September and for the first time conjunct his Neptune in November (Saturn-Neptune indeed is disease as well). Neptune rules the 8th. Pisces on the 8th house means that here we have a personality which does not ‘give in” easily, and certainly in view of his Sun square Saturn in Scorpio, we see someone who wishes to be in control of everything and doesn’t trust many things. To become ill can even be a cure on a soullevel, for he is forced to give up control and “give in” (and this is true for many people with Pisces on the 8th house). That he wished to have the absolute control of his country (Scorpio on the 4th) is really depicted beautifully in his chart with the Sun in the ruling sign of Leo square Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th. The Full Moon which we discussed last week at 17 Leo/Aquarius bringing into focus the Saturn/Neptune opposition occurring August 31, is exactly in aspect with Castro’s Sun..

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