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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

from the weekahead of May 19, 2006 

Somalian born previously Dutch resident (now in Washington, since the events in May 2006) Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

November 13,  1969,  Mogadishu, Somalia, approx. 02.00 am GMT
This chart is based on guesswork. When I was told the probable birthdate and place of Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Magan originally, I thought to myself that she could very well have 5 Leo on the midheaven. Last year she was elected by Time Magazine as one of the most influential women and last week all hell broke loose around her in the public scene over here in the Netherlands as she is supposed to have lied about her past trying to get Dutch citizenship. She now says she may emigrate to America (Aquarius on the IC once more in action which is symptomatic for “uprooting” oneself). But more importantly, she has Pluto t 90 Pluto currently, like all people born in those same months. Only, in Ayaan Hirsi’s case Pluto natally is in the 11th house and does deal with issues re “which community do I really belong to”? And it rules the 1st house (her presentation about herself).  

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